Marie Van den Broucke

Moving posters, 2021

A project where I give former posters/graphic material a new, animated life.

Test Talks, 2020

Visual identity for Test Talks, the podcast of the Belgian consumer association Test Aankoop.

Kinetic typograpgy experiments, 2020

experimenting with after effects

Test Aankoop, digital magazines, 2019-...

I work as a graphic and digital designer with Test Aankoop. I mainly design the articles, but I also create animations and help to develop and redesign our app.

Jules, 2020

Birth announcement for the little Jules. The card comes with 2 stickers of his parents. You can pick of the eyes, nose and mouth to design your own baby.

Geknipt! 2019

Logo design and visual identity for Geknipt!. An independent hairdressing business In Wezemaal.

Murmures, 2019

Murmures is a box filled with printed matter and objects. The objects are based and inspired on a project by artist Loreto Martinez where she made radio for 24 hours. The box is made during my internship in collaboration with Alex Balgiu and is an on going project.

A Track With No Previous Presence, 2019

A project, in collaboration with Jolien Wallenus, based on the questions: “Can we create a track through absence", "How can we appropriate that track", and “how do we show our track to the viewer". A simulated book about a fictional journey we never made.
The project was realized for an article in the magazine Approche by Ninon Chaboud and Jimmy Cintero.

Experiments with offset printer gto46, 2018

Landscape Writer. Masterproject about reading direction, 2018

Inspired by an old Greek reading direction called boustrofedon, my interest in different reading directions grew. On the basis of three projects I visualised different reading directions, compared them with each other and developed my own writing direction based on boustrofedon. My end result is a graphical and audio-visual representation of reading directions.

Cinema Sushi, 2018

A series of film posters designed for the film evenings at LUCA Ghent. In collaboration with Marieke Marteaux and Leslie Steen.

Business Cards Silke van Hyfte, 2018

Billboard Series #09: Martin Belou, 2017

A project in collaboration with Martin Belou and 10 other master students of LUCA Ghent. For the opening event of his billboard, we created a performative scenography that gathered several key elements of Martins practice.

Today We Should Be Thinking About, 2017

A double sided exhibition publication for the season of Jo Baer, conceived and composed by curator Anthony Huberman for The Artist's Institute (2010-2013). Instead of organizing solo exhibition every few months, an artist became the occasion for presentations, lectures, film screenings, performances, and exhibitions often with other artists.

Mapping, 2017

A project about time. More specific, the time i lose when i"m busy on my iphone. Pictures are taken when i'm not present in the real world, but on my phone. The pictograms on the cover show the amount I was on my mobile phone that day. Together with six other versions it formed a series.

As the day goes by, 2016

A publication about infinity based on the drool effect. On the basis on a day that passes by.

The cat is on the table, 2016

This publication is based on a conversation initiated by Chris Fitzpatrick. Together with a group writers, curators and artists he tries to figure out what the sense the cat is on the table means. In this publication I focused on the meaning of the cat is on the table. This on the basis of drawings by different peoples. I placed the text in the middle of the book.

De Witte Raaf Compilatie, 2016

De werkkamer, 2015

For this book I took pictures of every single object in the office of my father, which is a very chaotic room. The result is a structured encyclopedia categorized by theme.

The outland, 2015

A visual identity about a subculture called the Outland. In collaboration with Lisa Van hoecke.

Nomadology In Architecture, 2015

A book about the revival of the camping “de Blaarmeersen” in Ghent.